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Water Line Insurance Letters in Kerrville are Legit

This one is not a scam. Aqua Texas customers got some confusing mailings last week from HomeServe USA Repair Management Corporation about insurance offers for water-line coverage. The urgency made it seem like a scam to some Kerrville residents, but the Daily Times reports the service is legit, and participation in the program is voluntary. HomeServe provides emergency repair service plans for interior and exterior plumbing, appliances, gas lines, interior and exterior electrical lines, sewer and septic lines and heating and cooling systems, and mailings like these go out 4 to 6 times per year.

Fredericksburg Water Customers are Getting New Meters

Fredericksburg customers are getting new water meters. The process started last week, and continues this week with employees Utility Partners of America in neighborhoods to repolace water meter modules that are not communicating with the City’s automated meter reading system. The city says the change out of a module takes less than 10 minutes and will not cause any interruption in service, but the ongoing project will last about 6 weeks.

Former Candidate for Mayor is Wanted for Impersonating an Officer

A former candidate for mayor in Boerne has a felony warrant out for his arrest. The Boerne Star reports Carlos [Chuck] Peña is wanted for impersonating a public servant, and said he offered to turn himself in. Pena was recorded by Tiffany LaSelva around midnight on Saturday, July 15, in the Walmart parking lot, according to the San Antonio Express News, and ntroduced himself as a Precinct 3 constable from San Antonio after LaSelva accused him of following her. On the video, he’s heard introducing himself and telling LaSelva that he rain for mayor, and also said he was “law enforcement. Investigators are still looking into it. Pena ran for mayor of Boerne in May of this year.

Boerne Car Break-ins Are a Big Issue

Car thefts are up, and one of the victims is Boerne City Councilman Craig Colvin. A thief took Colvins 2013 silver Ford Exhibition over the 4th of July holiday weekend while Colvin was attending an event. The SUV was taken July 3 from a doctor’s office parking lot at 211 N. Main. This is one of several vehicle thefts that police have been investigating, and they haven’t said yet if it’s connected to a string of other car thefts stemming back to December when 31 cars were vandalized near the Woods of Frederick Creek. With the rise in thefts, the District Attorney’s Office is seeking conviction and jail time, and won’t likely agree to any plea agreements or deferred adjudication. Anyone with tips should contact the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office or Crimestoppers.

Conference Center Gets Funds from the Bandera Economic Development Council

The Bandera Economic Development Council recently agreed to provide incentive funding for the Main Street Shop and Lofts and conference center. The Bandera County Courier reports the EDC will agree to fund $2,000 per month for a total of $24,000 annually, and in exchange for revenue from future conferences. The specific percentage amount will be decided later.

Bnadera County Employees Could Get Raises

Bandera County Commissioners have been talking budget, and those who work for the county are getting raises under the current proposal.
The commissioners court approved a 3.25 percent increase in budget expenditures for personnel costs, which includes insurance premiums and raises. Each employee’s salary will go up by a thousand dollars a year or slightly more. The Sheriff’s department raises needed to happen to put that pay scale inline with sheriff’s departments in Medina and Kendall counties, according to the Bandera County Courier. Final approval is still needed.

Kerrville Hosts Movies in the Park

The Kerrville Parks and Recreation Department is holding another Movies In The Park this Friday…

(Movies In The Park takes place in Louise Hays Park. The movie, sponsored by The Cailloux Foundation, will begin at approximately 9:00 p.m. Bring the family, chairs, blankets, insect repellant, and flashlights for an outdoor evening at the movies! The PG-Rated family movie scheduled for showing this Friday takes a closer look at storks. Storks deliver babies, or at least they used to. Now, they deliver packages for a global internet retail giant. Entrance to the movie and park is free. Louise Hays Park is located at 202 Thompson Drive. If you need more information, call (830) 257-7300 or visit

Ingram ISD Approves New Laptops

A $50,000 donation by the Hal and Charlie Peterson Foundation will mean new technolgy for students at the Ingram ISD. The school board approved the money this week, and it will mean students at Ingram Tom Moore High School get Chromebook laptops. The Daily Times reports current high school Chromebooks will be passed down to the middle school students, with the goal of giving portable technology to every student in the sixth to 12th grades in the Ingram ISD.

Fredericksburg Aims to Solve Parking Issues

Consultants gave the final report this week to city leaders in Fredericksburg on the downtown parking study. The goal is to add a parking garage at a central parking location downtown, and they could add parking meters on Main Street to help meet the demand for more parking spaces. The Fredericksburg Standard reports the highest demand for parking includes the three to four blocks from Marktplatz, heading east. The most likely spot for a new parking garage, according to the study, would be the existing parking lot behind the Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau. Budget discussions will have to come before any action is taken on the new parking plan.

New Schreiner Nursing Director Makes Impact

Dr. Julie Lindsay is the new director of the Schreiner University nursing program, starting in June. Lindsay has 36 years as a registered nurse, and has taught for 11 years at the university level. While at Schreiner, she has the goal to offer pediatric in-service to area hospitals, especially for emergency care staff to help kids at ERs. Schreiner says in the short time that she has been on campus, Lindsay has implemented curriculum changes, is coordinating a submission to the Texas Board of Nursing, facilitated personnel team building, and has welcomed our incoming junior and senior classes of nursing students.