Archives for July 2016

Chamber to Host Work Culture Workshop

The Fredericksburg Chamber has a workshop coming up to help companies implement core values and make sure employees are on board. The Chamber Workshop is scheduled for Thursday, August 4 from 10-11 a.m. at Hill Country University Center. Counselor and retreat facilitator Chris Stewart will present the workshop and hit highlights of organizational culture, including why it matters and how cultures can change. You can register now with the Fredericksburg Chamber.

Boerne Police Look for Taggers

Boerne Police are looking for those behind some graffiti incidents. They need help identifying those who have tagged the skate park, walking trail, baseball park and abandoned gas station on Oak Park. The Boerne Star reports those places have all been tagged with varied symbols and words, including “loner” and “chill”. The Parks Department is fixing the public spaces. If you have tips, call Boerne Police.

Backpack Program Provides Meals for Kids

The Blessings in a Backpack program is nationwide, and there are spots in the Hill Country that benefit. The program estimates it costs $80 to $100 to provide meals for one child on the weekends during a 38-week school year, and that’s where they come in to help. The Blessings in a Backpack program gives food to kids that get meals through the federal government program during the week, but miss meals on the weekends. The Bandera County Boys and Girls Club recently helped out with a car wash to benefit the backpack program, and they’re taking donations still if you’d like to help.

Gateway Shopping Center Still in the Works

There are questions over a proposed new retail development in Kerrville, like can Kerrville support a large new shopping center. The Gateway Center would go in on the north side of Kerrville on a 60-acre plot of land on the southwest corner of Interstate 10 and Sidney Baker Street with Houston developer Gulf Coast Commercial. The Daily Times reports Kerr County Commissioners want the Kerrville Economic Development Corporation to review the project as things move forward.

Kerrville PI to Be Featured on 20/20

Watch for a Kerrville investigator in prime time, on national TV. Felix Vail is accused of killing his wife, Mary Horton Vail, in 1962. Many thought she drowned. The Daily Times reports Felix Vail was also the last person to know the whereabouts of his common law wife and his third wife. Kerrville private investigator, Gina Frenzel, owns The GLF Agency in Kerrville, and taped the interview with 20/20 two days ago. It will air this Friday.

Bandera Plans for the Future

Representatives from the business community, nonprofits, governing bodies and other interested individuals are part of committees in Bandera that are planning for the future. The vision for Bandera committees asked for public input on what they would like to see in Bandera or what they would like Bandera to be in the coming years. The Bandera County Courier reports tourism is a big focus, and drawing visitors to the Cowboy Capital. Also, Infrastructure, Music, art and historic preservation, Promotions and events, and Parks, recreation and the Medina River are all priorities.

Starving Horses are Rescued

There are conflicting reports about some starving horses in Tarpley. The Bandera County Sheriff’s Office was told by neighbors that someone feeds the horses every night, according to the Bandera County Courier, but others said the horses were trying to eat wildflowers and had nothing but rainwater to drink. The horses are on the right side of FM 470 in a field in Tarpley. The horses were rescued last week, and taken to the Bandera Veterinary Clinic. The Courier reports a 35-year-old mare is unlikely to regain full health, but another horse that’s 4 to 5 years old, will likely recover.

Water Loss at Medina Lake is Monitored

A three-year study is finished. It gives scientists the chance to look at the contribution of water from the Medina River to the Edwards Aquifer, and then to the Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District. Medina Lake plays a role in recharging the Edwards Aquifer, and the Bandera County Courier says groundwater going out of the Lake is about 78,000 acre feet per year – a loss of water, but within normal ranges. The bigger concern is gravel that can cause a loss of water over time. They’re continuing to monitor.

KPUB Builds a House for Equipment

A 1,200-square-foot disaster recovery building is going up along Holdsworth Drive for the Kerrville Public Utility Board. The Daily Times reports the $148,400 contract with C&M was approved by KPUB board members in January. About $305,000 has been budgeted for the project, and the concrete building behind Tivy Stadium is meant to stay standing during a natural disaster like fire, tornados, or floods. It will back up KPUB’s control system and IT servers..

Gun Competition Comes to Fredericksburg

Guns up this weekend in Fredericksburg…it’s the 121st Gillespie County Bundes Schuetzenfest on Saturday and Sunday, July 30-31. The Bear Creek Shooting Range is on Center Point Road, off of State Highway 16 South. Registration for the event runs until Wednesday at Stroeher and Olfers at 509 South Adams Street. They’ll have a parade Saturday morning to kick off Schuetzenfest, and the shooting competition starts at 1pm. They’ll have trophies for the top shooters.