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Entrance Closed Six Weeks at Schreiner

Schreiner University is making some upgrades, and the construction work has the main entrance to the campus closed. Once the main entrance is rebuilt, they’ll have two-car lanes in each direction instead of one. The university says it’s part of a master plan to improved traffic flow. The new entry will also have a new brick wall and sidewalks. Instead of the main entrance this summer, you can enter the campus through the Park Street gate or behind the campus on East Main. The work on the main entrance should be done in mid-July.

Accused Murderer Faces Stiff Bond Amount

The man who admitted to murdering a woman outside the Ranch Radio group offices last week has a $150,000 bond attached. Police say Gilbert Manriquez is from San Angelo and had been staying at the Flagstaff Inn prior to the killing last Wednesday. Murder charges have been filed in what police say appears to be a random act of violence.

Rain Takes Out Newspaper Office

Heavy rains over the Memorial Day weekend did their share of damage. Saturday night’s storm that moved into early Sunday morning severely damage the offices at the Bandera Bulletin. The paper says the roof collapsed under the weight of the water, and blew out the windows and front door. No one was working at the time and there were no injuries, but the office will be boarded up while they assess the damage. The Boerne Star has been nice enough to open up its doors and let the Bandera Bulletin crew work from there so there’s no interruption in service.

Internet Gets Faster in Bandera

The Bandera Electric Cooperative has been upgrading service lines, and has installed some new fiber optic cable which will deliver high-speed broadband service to the City of Bandera. For hundreds of homes and businesses this will be the first tiime they’ve had access to the Internet via a public access Wi-Fi network, according to the Bandera County Courier. The in-home wireless service will be available to Bandera residents once the pilot program finishes, with the target areas through downtown and along Bandera City Park and in Mansfield Park. And the electric cooperative plans to roll out higher-speed services to Bandera residents by subscription later this year.

Zika Virus Still a Concern

Health officials across the state are warning that the Zika Virus will arrivei n Texas soon.

(Ziks could have a devastating effect on impoverished communities in coastal and border cities, according to public health officials. Some experts spoke to the Texas legislature last week that they believe Zika would arrive through certain mosquito contractions in June or July. Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, says if a pregnant woman contracts the virus, it can block the development of her baby’s brain. Health officials say there already have been 35 confirmed cases of Zika virus in Texas, but in almost all of the cases, people who contracted the disease had traveled to Central and South America.)

Boerne to Hold Memorial Day Ceremony

The VFW’s Memorial Day ceremony is coming up Monday morning to honor the lives of men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice. That’s at the Boerne Cemetery at 11 a.m., and they’ll hold a flag retirement ceremony, with local Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies and American Heritage girls at the cemetery beginning at 5 p.m. that day. The VFW also says it plans to put flags on every veteran’s grave this Friday at 5pm not only at the Boerne cemetary, but surrounding cemeteries too.

Bandera Honors Lives Lost

You may have noticed an abundance of flags in Bandera. After a few years without a push to put American flags on the graves of veterans, the Bandera American Legion Post 157 and the Kiwanis Builders Club teamed up this year to put flags on the graves of veterans at the Bandera Cemetery on Highway 173 North. St. Stanislaus Catholic Church is also helping out at the cemetery today.

Low Water Crossing Continues to Be an Issue

Bandera County may see some improvements to a an area that always seems to flood. Every time there’s heavy rain the English Crossing area becomes impassable, and County Commissioners have been trying to figure out what to do about it. The low water crossing on English Crossing Road between the Mustang Crossing and Comanche Cliffs subdivisions has been on the radar of county commissioners and TxDOT for years, and there are repair plans in the works now. There are engineering concerns to work out first, and the finances. The Courier reports that Bandera County may apply for a grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority to offset construction costs.

Fredericksburg Releases Reports on Relief Route

As Fredericksburg continues to work on a relief route, the city has made several documents available from the task force studying the traffic patterns. There’s an alternate truck route analysis, the average annual daily traffic report through 2012, and a form for public comments on the city’s website. The idea of the traffic relief route is to send trucks and other heavy traffic around the city, instead of through downtown Fredericksburg. See more at

New Section of River Trail Opens Today

The newest portion of the river trail opens today and local residents are invited to celebrate.

(At 10:00 this morning, there wil be a ribon cutting ceremony for the new Lowry Trailhead, which is located at 217 Guadalupe Street. Construction began last fall on the new trail between Riverside Nature Center and Lowry Park. It officially opened last summer. With this latest stretch, the river trail now runs four miles between Schreiner Park and Lowry Park. There will also be a section of road closed for the celebration, which includes Guadalupe Street between Lowry and Hugo. It will open back up at noon.)